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SEO Writing Defination

Explore new topics. Both search engines and online users do not care about old topics. Why would they waste their time on something that they already know, anyway? If you want to capture their attention, you better give them something fresh. I suggest that you explore new topics related to your niche. Its better if you’re the first and the only one writing about these specific topics as it will surely lead to instant recognition.

Visibility for Much Less an Effort Instead of spending a fortune using conventional media that no-one gives attention to anymore, try going the online way. According to a survey in the US, 92% of people search for their products or services using search engines - which means you have a much bigger chance of landing a catch using affordable SEO services, rather than conventional but expensive media advertising campaigns.

If you have a men’s shoe design company called “Solediers”, for example, you do not want your title to just say “Solediers”. That would mean you are assuming people know your company name and that is the only keyword needed to match your site. In reality, if you want to be properly ranked in searches, your title should say “men’s shoe design” and then the city and/or state your business is located.

Now, if someone searches for men’s shoe design you have a far larger chance of being matched with their search than you would if you did not have relevant keywords to begin with. Each page of your site can have its matching title, or keywords. Or, you may choose to start with just your homepage.

The keyword that you choose as you research how to get on Google search should have less than 5,000 “exact” webpage results as you push your efforts forward upon how to get on Google search. When I say exact, you want to put the keyword you chose in quotations, for example “how to article market” and put that keyword into Google search.

If the search comes back with less than 5,000 exact searches, then that would be an optimal keyword to utilize for how to get on Google search, and to write articles upon. Around 10,000 searches is acceptable as well, but I wouldn’t suggest any more that 20,000 exact results, as it may be difficult to rank on the first page.

The only difference is that in SEO writing, you make sure that your articles are written based on the requirements of major search engines like MSN, Yahoo, and Google. You do keyword research and analysis, you follow appropriate keyword density, you use latent semantic indexing technique, you use HTLM tags and other white hat techniques so search engines will rank your articles higher compare to your competitors. When this happens, your articles or your website will become much easier to find online.

There are several social bookmarking sites from which to choose. Delicious, reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg are a few of the most popular.

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