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Hives Causes in Children

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Hives are intensely itchy. They may involve any area of the body from the scalp to the soles of the feet, and appear in crops of 24- to 72-hour duration. The most common sites for outbreaks are the hands, feet, and face.

Angioedema, a swelling below the skin caused by the same allergic mechanism, usually occurs around the eyes and in the lips. While the itchy bumps usually go away without treatment, angioedema in the upper respiratory tract may be life threatening and requires immediate medical attention.

Prolonged hives takes a long time to be cured whereas chronic hives can be treated in a short period of time. They appear suddenly and spread quickly in the body. Hives are very common among children. They are visible white or red bumps in the body.

Hives are more common in women and young children. In children generally a red and a white raised welt is found on their chest, tummy and legs. If you see something like this then you need not to bother, these are hives. One good thing about hives is that they tend to fade within 24 hours by their own.

In treating children urticaria using any of the recommended treatments you must ensure that the children are relieved of the discomfort brought about by the swellings and itching. The fortunate thing is that the children are still growing hence they recover very fast compared with other age. Any deformity caused is resolved as the body grows.

It’s easy to tell them not to scratch, but it’s not so easy to keep them from doing it. Because hives can be terribly itchy, it’s only natural for children and adults alike to want to scratch them. Natural reactions are tough to fight.

Hives and angioedema are estimated to affect fifteen to twenty percent of all people at some time during their lives. The condition may affect people in any age group but people in their thirties are most often affected.

An allergic response is the body’s way of reacting to an element to which it has created proteins known as antibodies. It may take any number of exposures to a particular drug before there are adequate amounts of antibodies to trigger a reaction.

There are two main forms of hives, acute urticaria and chronic urticaria. In the acute form of hives, the cause is usually an allergy. In adults, allergic hives are commonly caused by shellfish and nuts. Children may be allergic to shellfish and nuts too, but they can also be allergic to eggs, wheat, and soy.

Although for many people finding a natural treatment for hives is important. To many it is even more important to find out what is causing their outbreaks so they can be avoided in the future.

Hives also known as urticaria is very common in both adults and children and can affect any person regardless of age or race at anytime.

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