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White Vaginal Discharge - A Complete Guide

Typical and normal vaginal discharge is a clear or a bit whitish fluid coming out of the vaginal tract. The uterus, cervix or vagina regularly produces fluids. Generally, vaginal discharge is clear or white but it may turn stretchy and slippery while the body is undergoing ovulation, about two weeks later to the menstrual cycle.

The amount of discharge loss differs in every woman. Some women produce little discharge while others see it every day. Vaginal discharge is a usual body function and should not be classed as unclean or unhealthy. It is a way for your body to get rid of fluid and old cells. Discharge can change color, become heavier, or smell different.

An unhealthy vagina will bring odor. Throughout the menstrual cycle it is not uncommon to see a change in vaginal discharge. Discharge particularly at this time can take the form of the not fertile thick and gooey matter to the fertile smooth clear type discharge that shows near to menstruation.

Vaginal discharge caused by infection may be recognized by color change or its consistency that would differ from that of normal discharge. Although the visual appearance of discharge can help in determining the cause of discharge, but definitive diagnosis would need tests and microscopic inspection.

At the time of menstrual cycle, the mucous membrane lining the female reproductive organs of the woman gets thickens, and hence leads to white vaginal discharge.

The vaginal drop off helps women to clean the vagina, keep it lubricated and free from various infections. This, if irregular, can however indicate a problem.

The vagina releases a flow of discharge which helps remove dead cells and bacteria. By normal discharge we mean the amount lost, colour and smell, these reasons help determine whether the vaginal discharge is normal or not.

To prevent such issues every woman must keep her genital area dry and clean. Also, it is advisable to use condoms to avoid STDs. One should not douche after menses or sexual intercourse and should have regular tests.

The amount of thick white vaginal discharge depends on various hormonal activities which take place in a woman’s body such as the changes that a woman is subjected to during menstrual cycle.

Normal vaginal discharge also helps with lubrication during sexual intercourse. It doesn’t usually have a noticeable odor. When it gets on your underwear, it often looks clear or milky white.

They can range from foul smelling to odorless and barely noticeable. Fortunately there are various ways to deal with vaginal discharge. One of them would be homeopathic remedies.

Vaginal discharge is typical and fluctuates during your menstrual cycle. The things to be troubled about include if the discharge has a yellow or green color, is clumpy like cottage cheese, or has an awful odor.

White vaginal discharge that is not smelly is normal but if the discharge increases beyond the normal and the color of your discharge turns to grey accompanied with a fishy smell, have yourself checked by a gynecologist.

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